Top 10 Mistakes in HR Management: Mistake #7

Mis­take #7: Fail­ing to Recognize

In our ardu­ous path through grade school, high school and uni­ver­sity there is always one con­stant – feed­back.  We always know how we are doing (even when we don’t want to know).  Every­thing we do is observed and graded. Then we enter the work­force and (often) there is silence.  The feed­back ends.

Peo­ple need to feel appre­ci­ated for their work. Neglect­ing to rec­og­nize and reward good per­for­mance can lead to morale issues and future attrition.

Our advice:  Pay atten­tion.  Tell your staff how they are doing.  As Ken Blan­chard said in the One Minute Man­ager, “catch your employ­ees doing some­thing right” and praise them.  It can be as sim­ple as say­ing thank you.  Explore other reward and recog­ni­tion options.

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