Top 10 Mistakes in HR Management: Mistake #4

Mis­take #4: Not Get­ting Rid of the Wrong People

Man­agers hate to fire peo­ple.  They debate, pon­der, worry, pro­cras­ti­nate and ago­nize over it.  Their angst is pal­pa­ble. They hire con­sul­tants to tell them what to do – and then ignore the obvi­ous advice. They put up with extra­or­di­nar­ily poor per­for­mance because (as I was once told), they don’t have the ‘chutz­pah’ to make the required decision.

The rest of the orga­ni­za­tion watches in bewil­der­ment as the poor per­former drags every­one else down, wait­ing for man­age­ment to ‘do some­thing’. The most relieved per­son in the world is a man­ager the day after they’ve fired some­one.  The weight is off their shoulders.

Our advice: Flag poor per­for­mance early on.  Advise the employee what they are doing wrong, and how to cor­rect it. Pro­vide sup­port and train­ing.  Fol­low up. Doc­u­ment it. Advise the employee of the con­se­quences if the behav­ior con­tin­ues.   Intro­duce pro­gres­sive dis­ci­pline.  Get some advice. Obtain input and guid­ance from oth­ers.  If the prob­lem per­sists, make the deci­sion.  Design an appro­pri­ate ter­mi­na­tion pack­age and exit the employee.

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